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Haulena said the animal can't be released, but could be a Cheapest Tods Shoes

Dsquared Shoes Run Small

As well, Haulena Tod's Loafer

Sea otter's prognosis 'critical' after being shot near Tofino with video

The older male was rescued Friday after members of the public found the animal in distress along the shoreline and reported a number of disturbing signs, including: the animal had remained in the same location for an extended period of time, it had failed to flee when members of the public approached to investigate its condition, and it appeared to have sustained serious injuries to its flippers.

Haulena said a team was sent to Vancouver Island and that the otter was brought back to Vancouver.

There are no suspects in the shooting, but Haulena speculated it might have been someone who saw the otter as competition for food.

Dsquared Shoes Run Small

Its recovery would take months "in the best case scenario," added Haulena. "He has a lot of wounds and has a long way to go."

Dsquared Shoes Run Small

"But he's still critical, unfortunately. He's wounded, severely wounded, and he's suffering."

"He's been shot with a shotgun," said Haulena, believing the animal was wounded about two weeks ago. "There are dozens of birdshot pellets within him and he is in very poor shape. We can remove some of the pellets, but the damage is done."

Dsquared Shoes Run Small

Martin Haulena on Tuesday. "I like that he knows where to get the food. I like that he's grooming and that he has a dive every now and then. And his gum colour finally looks a little bit better.

The veterinary team has performed a number of procedures, including a partial amputation of the otter's right hind flipper, which was fractured. Due to its injuries, the otter cannot effectively groom itself, which is essential for thermoregulation, so the team is helping to stabilize its temperature through towel and blow drying.

base of the food chain.

candidate for the aquarium if it survives and recovers enough quality of life. If not, he added, the otter might have to be euthanized.

Dsquared Shoes Run Small

Dsquared Shoes Run Small

The counter argument is that by eating sea urchins, the otters allow kelp to thrive and thereby create a more diverse marine habitat for fish and scores of smaller creatures at the Hermes Slippers Review

Dsquared Shoes Run Small

The continued expansion of sea otters on the west coast of Vancouver Island has proven controversial, with some being shot for competing Dsquared Shoes Run Small with humans for shellfish.

said, the otter is being treated with fluids, pain medication and antibiotics, but it was also blinded by the pellets and is suffering from anemia through loss of blood.

Dsquared Shoes Run Small

Dsquared Shoes Run Small

Haulena and his veterinary team at the aquarium's Marine Mammal Rescue Centre are working round the clock to save the otter.

Dsquared Shoes Run Small

Dsquared Shoes Run Small

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