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The University of Saskatchewan includes some additional compulsory fees under the tuition umbrella, which makes their tuition seem higher than other institutions, Fairbairn said.

"Many universities will charge tuition but then some will charge extra administrative fees, construction fees, all sorts of other fees on top of it. In some cases, those fees are thousands of dollars. In extreme cases, they are tens of thousands of dollars beyond just what the part is that is called tuition fees," he said, adding U of S tuition fees increased on average by 4.5 per cent from last year.

"Why am I here? Why am I at the U of S when if for less than $1,000 more Mens Hermes Sandals

At the graduate level, the most expensive programs were executive master of business administration ($35,889) and regular master of business administration ($24,168). All programs saw increases.

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The report also indicated that Saskatchewan had the highest increase in tuition fees for international students (6.7 per cent) and the highest increase in additional compulsory fees for graduates (63.9 per cent to $454).

Saskatchewan tuition fees rose 4.7 per cent to $6,394 for undergraduate students and 4.9 per Hermes Loafers Black

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Gucci Shoes Rooster

Max Fineday, president of the University of Saskatchewan Students' Union, said students on campus are expressing concern about the numbers and asking questions.

sees highest increase in tuition

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"What they've said to us is that any increase in tuition is to our benefit. That's what they are telling students (that) we are going to see increases in programs and classes, etc. but what students are seeing, in fact, is cuts to student services," he said.

Fairbairn admitted some things were cut this past year, including eliminating about 250 jobs across the campus. He said about 200 of those positions were filled, so they Gucci Shoes Rooster were severances.

on average, I can go to somewhere in Ontario?" he said, adding students are worried about tuition increases in the future.

"We would like to see a predictable funding model rolled out so that the university knows exactly where it is going to be so we don't end up in a (projected $44 billion deficit) situation like this again."

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"We track the total fees that students are required to pay and by that measure, our programs cost systematically less than the median of similar programs at similar schools across the country," he said.

cent for graduate students, according to Statistics Canada. The national average was 3.3 per cent for the 2013 2014 school year. Graduate students in Ontario, followed by Nova Scotia Hogan Shoes Shop Online

While the cost to run a university continues to increase, Fairbairn said the students' share of that has not wavered from about 23 per cent.

Fineday said students are concerned that while tuition costs go up, the university is cutting some services.

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and then British Columbia, pay the highest fees in Canada.

"The thing that we asked unit leads to do was to re organize their workforces to deliver similar services with fewer staff. The intention the sort of marching orders that the university had were to make do with fewer staff but have the minimum possible impact to students," said Fairbairn.

According to the report, at the undergraduate level, dentistry ($17,324) had the highest fees, followed by medicine ($12,438) and pharmacy ($10,942). All programs saw increases.

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