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Battle moves to the courtroom

Mack's guilt or innocence. Having relationships with any of the possible witnesses could also affect a potential juror's ability to serve.

If the jury selection process, expected to run at least three days, successfully seats a panel, the trial will begin with opening statements later in the week. The trial is expected to run about four weeks.

A few hours later, police began closing off downtown Reno after reports that a judge had been shot through his window by a sniper. SWAT members swarmed the streets, chasing pedestrians into storefronts and rerouting traffic.

Lalli and Daskas have listed about 200 people as potential witnesses during the trial, and another 15 who may be used as expert witnesses.

A judge from Clark County also took over the case, after it was ruled that bias could be perceived if the Washoe District judges handled a case involving the shooting of one of their own.

A day of violence

At the same time, discussions were held in the Washoe District Attorney's office about whether Gammick and his prosecutors should remain on the case, given his 20 year relationship with Mack and his involvement with his surrender.

Gammick announced his withdrawal soon after, and two Clark County prosecutors were assigned to the case: Assistant District Attorney Christopher Lalli and Chief Deputy District Attorney Robert Daskas, both experienced criminal prosecutors who have handled a list of high profile cases.

Many officers with the Reno Police Department are included on the prosecution's list, as well as workers in the Washoe County crime lab.

Osborne said Mack met with Charla, the girl's mother, in the garage. Suddenly, Osborne's dog started barking, he said, and Mack then entered the house from the garage with his hand wrapped in a towel. The dog came in behind Mack, Osborne said, with blood on his Tods Mens Shoes Ebay head and chest.

Osborne said he took Mack's daughter out the front door and left.

Starting Monday morning, hundreds of local residents will stream into a Washoe District courtroom and be asked questions to determine whether they have been influenced by the extensive media coverage of the case and to see whether they've already reached a conclusion about Tod's Pumps Sale

Eleven days later, Mack surrendered. A plane flew him from Mexico to Dallas, and a private jet flew him to Reno, where he was booked into the Washoe County Jail. He has remained there ever since.

If the process stalls with too many people expressing firm opinions, lawyers will likely renew their motion to change the venue for the trial, and Judge Douglas Herndon will make the call on whether to move the case to Las Vegas, something he said last week was a possibility.

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But prospective jurors called for the Darren Mack murder and attempted murder trial will see some names they might not recognize: Tiffany Lebouef, the woman who shared a room with Mack in a Mexico resort; Debbie Dugan, Mack's ex wife; and Virginia Delgadillo, a fitness room attendant who recognized Mack while he was a fugitive.

The witness list, bulging at more than 220, includes some familiar names: Washoe County District Attorney Richard Gammick, Soorya Townley, mother of stabbing victim Charla Mack, and Chuck Weller, the family court judge shot in the chest as he stood in his third floor chambers on June 12, 2006.

Within days of the shooting and stabbing, the FBI joined the search and Mack was added to its national Most Wanted Fugitive list. Weller remained in hiding, and police said they were receiving tips of possible sightings from around the world.

Reno pawn shop, is accused of fatally stabbing his estranged wife, Charla, in the garage of his South Reno townhouse on the morning of June 12, 2006.

Meanwhile, Mack had contacted Gammick from Mexico and said he wanted to negotiate his surrender. Mack had known Gammick for years, and told the prosecutor that he was the only one he trusted.

Her body was found after a friend of Mack's, Dan Osborne, called police to report seeing Mack in the morning when he went to pick up his daughter.

firearms examiner and former technical director at the Phoenix Crime Lab; and Katherine Raven, a doctor who performs autopsies, who is expected to testify about the cause and manner of the death of Charla Mack.

The prosecution's experts include William Anderson, the chief toxicologist with the Washoe County Forensic Science Division; Lucien Haag, a criminalist, Dsquared2 Jeans Sandals

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A number of lawyers could take the stand for the prosecution, including Shawn Meador, who represented Charla Mack in their divorce; Leslie Shaw, Mack's divorce lawyer; and Michael Laub, one of Mack's friends.

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Mack, a 45 year old co owner of a downtown Tod's Loafer Review

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They've included Mack's mother, Joan; his brother Landon; and his 9 year old daughter as people who may be called. They also may call Mack's close friend, Michael Moore Small. Small also had appeared before Judge Weller, and after being unhappy with his ruling, joined with Mack in his vocal opposition to the judge.

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But he was nowhere to be found.

Weller, a family court judge who had been handling the Mack's divorce case, was taken to an area hospital, treated, and then whisked off to an undisclosed location.

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By early afternoon, Reno police held a news conference announcing a connection between the murder and shooting, and they had a suspect: Darren Mack. By the next morning, police had issued a warrant for Mack's arrest in the death of Charla Mack.

The case against Mack

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Tods Mens Shoes Ebay

Tods Mens Shoes Ebay

Scores of witnesses could take stand in Mack trial

As soon as Mack was booked into the Washoe County Jail about midnight on June 23, 2006 his lawyers, Scott Freeman of Reno and David Chesnoff of Las Vegas, began planning.

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