Tod's Sandals 2017

Years with Dr. Schwartz Optometrist and Associates: Since 1984Years of experience: 35+Judy currently wears a Silhouette. It is a 3 piece mounting frame, which means there are only 3 metal pieces that attach the lens to the frame. It is completely rimless. The frame is made of titanium which makes it flexible, strong and hypoalergenic. She wears a digital progressive lenses which Tod's Heels Sale

Years with Dr. Schwartz Optometrist and Associates: Since 2004Currently wears soft contact lenses as well as a fashionable pair of glasses. Joie originally worked for Dr. Schwartz when she was in high school. She kept in touch after she left and remained a loyal patient. At Hermes Loafers Red

Years with Dr. Schwartz Optometrist and Associates: 11Years Experience: 20Jen is lucky enough to not need any glasses or contactsAs lab technician, Jen makes quality prescription eyewear, completes adjustments and repairs, and works with our patients to make sure they are satisfied with their eyewear. Jen loves working in the lab. She loves seeing the enjoyment on a patients face when they pick up their new glasses. It makes her feel like she has done her job well. Jen enjoys pizza, outdoor concerts and roller derby. Her time skating with Detroit Derby Girls Pistol Whippers even earned her a movie role in Drew Barrymore's "Whip it"

Schwartz Optometrist and associates

the time when she began looking for work again, Judy called her about a bill that was not covered by her insurance. By the end of the conversation, Judy was offering her a job. Joie describes it as fate. "It was like coming home again, Everyone here has always been like a family and I couldn't be happier". Joie and her husband Tod's Sandals 2017 Kevin have two beautiful children who are 13 and 10 and 2 dogs Chili and Fiona sharing in the blessings of their household.


Tod's Sandals 2017

Years with Dr. Schwartz Optometrist and Associates: Since 2000Years of experiance: 17She currently wears a Christine Dior frame and Acuvue Oasys contact lensesSara helps patients and advises them in fashionable frame styles and proper lens selection. As a contact lens specialist, she also dispenses contact lenses. Sara handles all the ordering of contact lenses for the office. She also meets with all the contact lens company representatives to discuss the latest technology and contact lens developments. Sara is a is a people person and truly loves what she does and the people she works with. She is a Sterling Heights native with a wonderful husband, Dean, and Dog named Sonnie.


Tod's Sandals 2017


Tod's Sandals 2017

Years with Dr. Schwartz Optometrist and Associates: Since 2012Years Experience: 8Christina wears a tortoise Kenzie and purple Bebe glassesChristina is a "Jack of all Trades" when it comes to our office. She may be seen making appointments, checking patients in, checking insurance, pretesting, helping pick out glasses or just about anything else other than doing the eye exam herself. Christina truly enjoys helping patients with their vision needs.


Years with Dr. Schwartz Optometrist and Associates: Since 2008Marie wears the Easy Clip in Ruby Red. She helps the front desk staff with checking in patients, verifying insurance benefits, and confirming the next days appointments. She also provides reinforcement in the lab when her skills are needed. She does all of this in addition to assisting patients select eyewear that is both fashionable and functional. If that wasn't enough, she also teaches classes on insertion and removal of contacts to patients. She loves her job very much and always goes the extra mile for her patients. Schwartz Optometrist and Associates: Since 2004Ruth doesn't wear any glasses or contacts, she had LASIK surgery in 1998Although patients often ask her if she's new to the practice, this is actually the same Ruth that started with Dr. Schwartz back in 1996 she just changes her hair color a lot! Ruth is fascinated by how much of a persons well being can be seen through the eyes. She loves working with the doctors to show patients that we care so much more about them than simply selling them a pair of glasses. Ruth enjoys working with all of our patients whether they are 5, 55, or 95 years of age.

Tod's Sandals 2017

Tod's Sandals 2017

allow her to see at virtually any distance. The digital lens minimizes the peripheral distortions which are experienced in standard progressive lenses. As Office Manager, she is in charge of patient satisfaction with both doctors and staff. Her responsibilities change daily which makes her job very interesting. Judy is also a Dispensing Optician. She helps patients with selection of glasses and dispensing of contact lenses. Judy has been a certified Optician since 1977. In 1994, Judy was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She was treated and is happy to report that she is now a 20 year Survivor. Judy enjoys riding Harley's with her husband of Buy Hermes Sandals

Tod's Sandals 2017


Tod's Sandals 2017

Tod's Sandals 2017

Tod's Sandals 2017

20 years, Dave. They live with their golden retriever Floyd, in the country on several acres of land, where they enjoy living away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Tod's Sandals 2017

Tod's Sandals 2017

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